"Dreams are the stuff Andrew Logan and
his museum are made of."

Louisa Buck — Crafts Magazine

The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture was the first museum in Europe dedicated to a living artist. Andrew had always dreamed of opening a museum to share with the world his unique approach to life and art. He wanted the museum to be a vibrant space to display examples of work he had created over the decades and to stage events that would share his vision and skill for curating performance and spectacle.
This Artistic Adventure started when in 1988 Andrew & Michael Davis purchased a redundant space in Berriew, Mid Wales. In 1991 their dream became a reality when the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture (ALMoS) opened to the public. Designed by Michael, the conversion and building works were funded partially by themselves along with grant aid and donations from patrons.


Within the museum you will find pieces of sculpture, mirrored portraits, water colours, jewellery and photos from the mid-sixties to the present day. On display, you will also find personal items, created by Andrew for the late actor Divine, late painter Luciana Martinez de la Rosa and Joan Simon Menkes - Editor of the Beverley Hills Art Magazine 95201, which have been left to the museum by their estates. In addition, you will find Andrew's series of Birds of a Feather, which were created in the late 70's during Andrew's 'mad' period. There are also pieces like the Cosmic Egg, The Living Taj Mahal or Egypt Revisited inspired by his fantastic journeys.

ALMoS is a delightful and absorbing experience that combines entertainment, sentiment, humour and fantasy in a manor that is suitable for all ages. In keeping with Andrew's dream of creating a space that stimulates the artist in everyone, regular workshops are held during the summer months that encourage both young and old to be inspired by the variety of pieces on show.
ALMoS is a small independent museum and a registered charity, run by a Board of Trustees. Income is received from entrance fees, Friends' subscriptions and retail sales. In addition, we have received some support for capital and revenue expenditure from The Arts Council Wales and The Council of Museums in Wales (now Cymal).

'Cosmic Egg'
Museum Interior Andrew Logan

'Cosmic Egg'
Museum Interior

Andrew Logan


"The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture will present to the public a condensed and accessible extravaganza devised by the artist to cover the development of world culture."

David Elliott — Director Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

"Logan has achieved something beyond the reach of any other 20th Century British Sculptor, even Henry Moore: he has managed to open his own museum, dedicated entirely to his own work and carried it off with showbiz flair."

John Russell Taylor — The Times

"Andrew's work doesn't offer that much to the would-be catalogue mystifier: if you start saying anything too pretentious about it, it sort of laughs in your face. It's hard to place, because it doesn't really quite belong anywhere, guilelessly straddling a number of heavily contested boundaries - such as those between art and craft, between art and decoration, between pop and fine, between the profane and sacred. But I don't think this straddling is some sort of ideological position that Andrew has contrived - it's just where he happens to find himself when he makes the work he wants to see."

Brian Eno