Hidden Gems

18 August 2020

As well as getting back to the Museum you know and love, you’ll notice some changes alongside the refreshed walls, lighting and floor.  We’ve altered some of the displays, so you’ll notice some works that were displayed before, but were somewhat hidden.  And there are some new pieces too. Some are below – see what else you can spot on your visit.  Plus, it’s not just Hidden Gems inside the Museum.  The whole place is a Hidden Gem.  It’s VAQAS (Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme) official! 😊  

Cosmic Egg model, Breastplate, Tiara (for fashion designer Thea Porter)

Reflections ’77

Universe Alternative Miss World Crown Sceptre, Ring, Orb and Crowning portrait

Andrew’s 2019 portrait of dear friend, the late, great Chrissy Robinson

VAQAS (Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme) awarded us
a Hidden Gem accolade in 2020

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