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24 October 2020

Andrew has, as always, been working away in his studio.  He’s been creating new pieces for his online shop, and also working on one of his incredible portraits – this time, of actress Sara Kestelman, who co-hosted 2018’s Psychedelic Peace Alternative Miss World. 

Sara Kestelman with Andrew Logan, co-hosting 2018's Psychedelic Peace Alternative Miss World at The Globe, London.
Sara Kestelman with Andrew Logan, co-hosting 2018’s Psychedelic Peace Alternative Miss World at The Globe, London.

As well as working on Sara’s portrait, Andrew has been finishing his pollinators for his Indian commission (for more information on this commission, see below) and creating portrait brooches of the late, great Andy D …

18 August 2020

Andrew has been very busy with us in the Museum, making sure everything is just right for opening.  He’s been interviewed for Resonance FM and has a red, green and blue new collection at his shop.  We saw him in his studio, and caught up with him on some more pieces he’s been working on …

Remember the Indian commission pollinators we mentioned on 3 August? We got this gorgeous close-up of the dragonfly …

Andrew was interviewed on award-winning LGBTQI magazine show created by comedian Rosie Wilby and hosted by Stewart Who and Sophia Blackwell. In this programme, is Andrew, Polari Prize founder Paul Burston and two of the 2020 judges, Keith Jarrett and Cerys Evans and a brand new track from musician Tom Heath. Follow @outsthlondon for more info.

Now, this is a wonderful tale. Andrew visited Cambodia at the start of the year and when visiting Angkor Wat, met a young female artist, loved her work and bought a piece. He’s creating a frame, featuring her – what you’re seeing below is mid-stage work, together with the picture taken of her and Andrew. He didn’t get her contact details, so if anyone sees her at Angkor Wat, be sure to show her this picture and get her contact details for us!

The new red, green and blue collection at Andrew’s online shop is just beautiful. We want them all! See here for the whole collection

3 August 2020

Would you like to intern at Andrew’s studio, cleaning works and learning from Andrew? If so, please email us and we’ll set up a (safe) meeting. Look forward to hearing!

Thank goodness Andrew’s health is improving. There’s new work in his online shop, a Loewe digital exhibition of Divine memorabilia, making Andy Warhol inspired rings for atworkgalleries exhibition, as well as making his own work.  We took a trip to his studio to look at the works he’s been conjuring up over the lockdown period.   Ever busy, he has been working on many pieces including portraits, new work based on found, charity shop and gifted canvases and pictures and a commission from India.

The Indian commission is for a huge office headquarters, situated next to a huge 300ft Buddha that Andrew spotted being built on the industrial estate on a previous trip.   Andrew is contributing a series of pollinators to this Delhi project – oversized dragonfly, butterfly and ladybird at present.  The whole commission will also contain a series of huge flowers.

Pam Hogg is the latest subject of Andrew’s mirror portraits.  Pam had an exhibition in Liverpool, Andrew loved the publicity photo of her and decided to produce a mirror portrait, having previously produced one when she had red hair (which ended up at a Russian gallery).  Her bright yellow hair is painted glass.

Om under a Tree is a signature Andrew combination of found objects.  The main image was a find, the large pieces of glass, unusually, are pieces of bottles found discarded on the beach by Tate Modern and have been affected by the Thames, making them look like gemstones.  The blue rectangular glass is Russian, from Andrew’s friend, the artist Andrey Bartenev.

There’s plenty of new work in the Andrew Logan online shop too this month:

In July, Loewe launched a digital exhibition of Divine memorabilia comprising a showcase of photographs shot by Greg Gorman and a riotous collection of costumes, posters, magazine covers, etc. including the bust created by Andrew Logan, Divine Man, which can also be seen in the Museum’s Divine Shrine in Gallery 1. The display bursts with colour, trash, fantasy, glamour & freedom and can be viewed by following the link: LOEWE

Andrew was asked to create pieces inspired the late Andy Warhol for the atworkgalleries, below is one of three cocktail rings made especially for the Warhol inspired show.  Here is also a light-hearted clip of Andrew describing a meeting with Andy Warhol. 

Andrew Logan’s Andy Warhol inspired cocktail ring for atworkgalleries

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