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18 August 2020


We want to hear what you think of the ‘new look’ Museum and new booking process.  Please share any comments or photos after your visit, tag us on social (FacebookInstagram), email or call us on 01686 640 689 and tell us about your experience.  We hope to feature some of your views on the next newsletter.  

Here’s a throwback to the days when we could all sit close together for a good old knees-up … Do you have any Museum memories to share or impacts of experiencing Andrew’s work, either at the Museum or elsewhere?  We’d love to hear them.  Do get in touch.

3 August 2020

Funded by the Association of Independent Museums, we have conducted an in depth research project into who are visitors are and what we can do to ensure that our visitor numbers grow – meaning more people can enjoy Andrew’s work. This research became more vital this year than we anticipated at the time.

As a result we are in the process of a very exciting rebrand and relaunch of this website.

Interesting things we found out:

  • Most of our visitors live within a Cardiff, Hereford, London triangle
  • We need to encourage those of you from Birmingham and Manchester to bring your friends and family with you
  • People over the age of 65 love to visit us (and we are doing what we can to ensure you stay healthy when we reopen)
  • Those who are 65+ consider us to be a contemporary art venue rather than a museum
  • Our events programme is ever popular with 94% having attended more than 2 events
  • 98% of people love the atmosphere and our welcome and the knowledge of our staff
  • The top things that people talk about in our visitors book is the exhibits

With our friends at Mogwai Media, we’re beginning to understand our social media audience too – and we are looking forward to creating lots of exciting content for Facebook that compels you to come and visit much more.

A Star-burst diagram of what people talk about when they come to the Museum
Starburst diagram of what people talk about when they come to the Museum

A star-burst diagram of the main words people use to describe their experience at the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture, Berriew, Powys, Cymru: top three are 'Love', 'Amazing' and 'Inspiring' (from the 2019/2020 Audience Research project)
Starburst diagram of the main words people use to describe the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture (Audience Research project 2019/20)

Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture: Ratings chart for 'Making you feel welcome' (summer 2019): 98% good or very good
Museum ratings chart for ‘Making you feel welcome’ summer 2019

We are very grateful to the Association of Independent Museums for their funding to enable this project

Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture thanking the Association of Independent Museums by displaying their logo
Association of Independent Museums

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