Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture I love it! Unforgetable!!! x You are my most favourite artist. The most inspiring things I have ever seen in my whole life Speechless, I dream things like this, STAGGERING AND BEAUTIFUL I had to come back again to feast my eyes. Absolutely amazing. The things you find in the middle of Wales Different (but delightful!) REMARKABLE! Absolutely wonderful! mindblowingly inspirational I don't normally like modern art but this was brilliant. I just steppend into another world, how wonderful!! Best experience in years! The nicest and friendliest museum in the UK Extraordinarily good Creates a feeling of escapism Inspiring! Magnificent Two visits and still great! Worth a 30 mile bike ride to see it.As weird as stongehenge and justas wonderful! Beautiful STILL NOT SEEN ANYTHING AS AMAZING AS THIS (Except for our Rocky Horror Costumes) Enchanting and extravagant, anintriguing and delightful spectacle. Extraordinary! Stunning. To be re-visited! Worth driving 500 miles for this experience